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Finpro Gazelle India with IBM Spoken Web in co-op with Rural Voice
This is a presentation slide about Gazelle India presented by Hanna Marttinen-Deakins from Finpro in a seminar called “India Calling” held at the University of Tampere on 10th May,2012.
RuralVoice Mobile Voice-Based Services for Rural India
This is a presentation slide about RuralVoice presented by Prof. Mikko Ruohonen and the team in a conference called “WITFOR2012″ held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi India on 16th – 18th April, 2012.
RuralVoice Mobile Voice Service Deployment for Developing Countries: Case Rural India’s Bottom of the Pyramid
This is IFIP (Internationale Federation for Information Processing) News article about RuralVoice from “WITFOR2012″ published on March 2012.