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IMI, India

International Management Institute (IMI) is one of India’s business schools, located in New Delhi, India. The institute offers full-time postgraduate diplomas equivalent to MBAs, a fellow program, a doctoral program, and several executive education programs.

The institute is India’s first corporate sponsored business school. It is sponsored by some of India’s leading corporate business groups, including RPG Enterprises, Williamson Magor, Nestle, ITC, SAIL, BOC, Tata Chemicals and many others. IMI India was launched in 1981 in collaboration with International Management Institute, Geneva (currently International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne).

Centres of Excellence at IMI

IMI has set up Centres of Excellence to explore the trans-sectoral and interface areas for enriching knowledge and avenues for application of knowledge. These centers are addressing matters related to Social Sector Governance, Management of Innovation and Technology and Market Solutions to Poverty.

Centre for Social Sector Governance (CSSG)

It was set up in 2004 to further teaching and research in issues connected with socio-economic development, governance, poverty, employment, educational health.

Centre for Management of Innovation and Technology (CMIT)

It was set up in 2004 to further teaching and research in issues connected with R&D, innovation, technology management, knowledge management, etc. Activities under CMIT cover research, publications, database maintenance; capacity building through education and training programs; network building; consultancy services and the creation of an innovation and technology movement.

Center for Market Solutions to Poverty

The Centre for Market Solutions to Poverty aims to provide an apex platform for coordinated response to the opportunities and challenges at the BOP (base of the pyramid). The focus would be on integrated business solutions, enabling public policy response, civil society action and development cooperation activities of the multiple agencies.

For more information about IMI, India, please visit this website:

IMI, India Website