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Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction (TAUCHI) is one of the three research centers at the School of Information Sciences (SIS) at the University of Tampere. TAUCHI carries out multidisciplinary research in human technology interaction in four research groups specialized in multimodal interaction (led by Professor Roope Raisamo), speech-based and pervasive interaction (Professor Markku Turunen), visual interaction (Professor Poika Isokokoski) and emotions and sociality in computing (Professor Veikko Surakka). The shared aim of these research groups is to obtain a profound understanding of the phenomena that affect and regulate human-technology and apply this knowledge in creating better ways of interaction. The number of staff exceeds 50, which makes TAUCHI the largest research centers in its area in Finland and one of the largest in the world. In addition to basic research projects, TAUCHI conducts applied co-operation projects with the industry. International collaboration network includes European, American and Asian research institutions.

In collaboration with another unit from SIS – CIRCMI – TAUCHI leads and coordinates RuralVoice.  TAUCHI’s research work in RuralVoice is mainly generated through the Speech-Based and Pervasive Interaction Group (SPIG). In the project, SPIG develops and deploys speech-based and multimodal interaction techniques and builds demo services to Spoken Web platform in collaboration with IBM Research Lab India. First demo has already been released (watch the video here). In the development and deployment processes SPIG utilizes contextual knowledge about the users, user needs and use environment in rural India provided by the UAS Dharwad, and the business environment and stakeholder information provided by CIRCMI and IMI Delhi. The development takes place both in India and in Finland.

For more information about TAUCHI and SIS, please visit these websites:

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